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Our company

From a small shop dedicated to the renovation of antique pieces of furniture to a company specialised in the production and sale of furniture.

In 2011 we opened a new store based in Cornegliano Laudense (LO) where Mr Giancarlo, an experienced interior designer.,and Mr Gianluca, a young and competent architect, will help you choose what you are looking for. 

The company

About us

The company was created by Livio Bernardi in 1955, in an area that would later become renowned both nationally and internationally for the production of artisanal furniture.

Through the years, Livio Bernardi’s enterprise developed from a small furniture workshop into a company that specialises in the production and selling of traditional furniture. Today, the company is spread out over more than 8,000 sq. mt., and Livio’s four children manage the whole production process, following the same approach that has always characterised the business.

In our seat in Rosà (5,000 sq. mt.), visitors can admire the entirety of our production, which includes a dedicated antique department that showcases our passion for restoration.

We can also make made-to-measure furniture, according to your own design and with various types of wood (walnut, cherry, maple, oak, beech) and finishes (shellac, wax, varnish or unvarnished), using artisanal techniques throughout.

We can restore your furniture. We also offer a vast assortment of mirrors, lamps, pictures, and many more objects which are guaranteed to make your home unique.


Our products

Industrial production, with the use of technology, has undergone considerable transformations over the years. 

Today, increasingly sophisticated machinery replaces man's work, which maintains just a control function.

This is not the case in the production of style furniture where the experience of the workers plays a very important role in choosing the wood to use (walnut, cardboard, goose, beech) and all those precious materials used in the construction (threads, inlays, handles, friezes, glasses, fabrics).

Choosing the material from the earliest stages is something that requires a special experience. Improper evaluation can cause defects in a finished product.

Wood should be suitable for type and quality of the furniture to be built. After joining the carpentry, the wood is cut, planed, brought to the appropriate thickness, then all the joints are created in order to assemble the finished product.

Once all the pieces are glued, the piece of furniture undergoes the smooth process to eliminate any imperfections and make the wood as smooth as possible.

Then the product is hand-polished by following ancient techniques and using materials such as natural lands mixed in different proportions depending on the desired colouring, shellac and bee wax with the succession of multiple passages.

Let's go to the final stage of production, but not least, the application of knobs, handles, velvet (molten brass), glasses and fabrics that always respect the style and proportions of the product.

In conclusion, the product, the final result of multiple passages, is exposed in the exhibition hall ready to be viewed by the customer or to be taken as a model to make custom furniture.